Feel The Noise // 2016 


The Redfords return to form echoing the original sound from the first album.  In what can be considered an Alternative Rock album, The Redfords fill the speakers with fuzzed out guitars and rich harmonies.  In a time were the concept of an album is very much not in vogue, Feel The Noise was an attempt to create a piece of work designed to be listened from start to finish.

Ride In Your Future // 2013 


In 2013 The Redfords released another full length album entitled Ride In Your Future adding a touch of psychedelic rock to what has turned out to be the most ambitious album by the band.  With themes about aliens and robots from outer space you can sit back and get a glimpse of the future.

Come Alive In The Moment // 2011 


In 2010 Gidlund teamed up with long time friends Shaun Sutherland, John Schoenberg, and Jason Smith to record some new songs for The Redfords. Together they recorded the EP entitled Come Alive In The Moment and made the transition from Power Pop to more of an Indie Pop sound.

Miracle At Sunrise // 2007


The Redfords started as a studio project by John Gidlund some time in 2007. Teaming up with producer Greg Magers from The Attic Recording Gidlund recorded the first Redfords album entitled Miracle At Sunrise. Gidlund enlisted the help of the very talented drummer Jonathan Marks from the band Hey Champ to lay down the drums on the album.